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Power Up Your Veggies. Students begin by analyzing their favourite cereals by completing their graphic organizer. OtherWord WallsClip Art. Food Label Lab Worksheet. ScienceBiologyHealth. Sodium Excess sodium can raise blood pressure, which increases heart disease risk, and it may labeos a sign of a more highly processed read: This flip-open food label turned out awesome!!

MyPlate Food Label Fun! Sunny Side Up Resources.

If you see the word enriched before a grain, it’s a sign that the grain has been refined, meaning it has been stripped of the germ and bran, which pack most of the grain’s nutrients including fiber. Lesson 1 is how to read and assess food labels. This worksheet is designed to help the students identify the nutrients in a any given food label.

Understanding Food Nutrition Labels

The power point has multiple examples using pictures of food labels and arrows point to various sections on the food label to show. To get in and out of the store with your sanity intact, adds Caroline Kaufman, RDN, “have a game plan and know what you are looking for so you can quickly scan the label for the most important information. Nutrition – Food Label and Meal Planning.

HandoutsPrintablesGraphic Organizers. Understanding Food Nutrition Labels.

See All Resource Types. Ingredients are ordered by volume, so the higher up on the list an ingredient is, the more of it a product contains. This is my best selling lesson! This brand new product contains three bright, labdls catching pages with clear and informative content. ActivitiesAssessmentLaboratory. ScienceGeneral Science. Learning how to read and understand food labels can help you make healthier choices.

Cart is empty Total: These labels label be used for dramatic play in the classroom.

If you double the servings you eat, you double the calories and nutrients. Food Label Lab or Interactive Activity Great activity to add to any Health, Science of Food Unit Students will learn how to evaluate and analyze food labels as well as how to compare two foods.

How to Read a Nutrition Label – Health

Look for the words sugar, as in palm sugar or invert sugar; sweetener, as in corn sweetener; or syrup, as in brown rice syrup or malt syrup. Lesson Plan and Resources. This video clip shows a food label and how to read a food label in the simplest form. Teaching students how to read and properly understand food labels is a skill that is sadly often overlooked in the classroom.

Students will interpret food labels for carbohydrates, fats,and calories.

Funny food labels, treat toppers, and tags! This powerpoint is a tool for my Nutrition unit plan and teaches the students about the food groups, reading food labels, and the importance of eating healthy. Amanda’s A Plus Activities. Added sugar If sugar is one of the first two ingredients, don’t bring it home. Many will ask to complete additional sheets. LecturesPowerPoint Presentations. Each 3 page reproducible lesson focuses on practical vocabulary terms, skills, and concepts in relevant situational settings.

It has students find the information on food labels and then identify the amount of diff. So, if you eat more than one serving, you could quickly reach your daily limit of trans fat. Activity that can be done during class with a supply of labels, or as a homework activity.

Remember that the information shown in these panels is based on 2, calories a day. It includes sample food labels with comprehension questions, a graphic describing the different parts of a food label, and vocabulary associated with food labels.