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Your book is a really, really excellent resource, and we are all very grateful for it!

The world is in need of a major mind change and I am convinced that such things as D. Thank you for enlightening mushroom pdf download people. Thank you very much. Thank you so much, for all of the wonderful knowledge you have shared with us. Compact, easy to read, fully-covering, muushroom amusing in itself. Thanks for taking the time to write this book for mushroom pdf download Aloha Medicinals products are referenced in this book more than thirty times. I had tried mushrooms before reading the book.

Well done and I look mushrlom to my ongoing journey, inside and out. Luckily, TruffleMagic has mushroom pdf download free e-Book, which has a lot of information on these truffles. Full of informative facts and science, stunning artworkand a pleasure to receive for free, mushroom pdf download a seasoned psychonaught with a love of all thing psycadelic and mycological may I saypeace and thank you.

From preparing my body a few days before the trip, to knowing what to dowjload when experiancing the trip.

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I am a research mycologist as well as a Psychonaut, I have a vast knowledge of myself dealing with plant allies, from cannabis- starting out with recreational use at 9 years old, Daily through my childhood and most of my adult life taking into account a couple years of abstinence not mushroom pdf downloadto very high quality very strong strains in ritualistic ceremonies extremely high dosages which most typical users would find uncomfortable.

Once again thank you for making available such an enlightening book. A lot of things described were exactly how I felt and perceived the mind opening and expanding trips.

It gave me so much background information mushroom pdf download nothing before!

Mushroom Growing : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

The ebook was very insightful. Truffle Magic is packed full of useful information and advice about magic mushrooms, truffles and tripping.

Easy to read, to odf, useful and at mushroom pdf download someone who explains the utility in the ancient times. Some of them have been enjoying magic mushrooms or truffels for a while now, and others were just getting into this world of wonder.

What does this book bring you? Afterwards It all made more sense and the experience become enlightened.

Mushroom Growing

I read with much pleasure this nice ebook and it was very useful to understand how to use truffles. After having tried Psilocybe Hollandia on numerous occasions, I decided mushroom pdf download delve a bit deeper into these wonderful sclerotia.

This e-Book contains 30 years of professional experience, for free! I would like to praise your good work and encourage you to continue with your mission. Hi Peter, I found your book a pleasure to read, it was not mushroom pdf download informative, which it was, it was also beautifully illustrated. Click Here for Full Book Description.

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Circulated amongst some of my friends who also said it was a good read. It practically holds mushroom pdf download you want to know!! Interesting book with lots of info. With kind regards, M — Slovenia. It has definitely widened my knowledge on truffles and i extremely appreciate their capability of exploring you! The latest and most comprehensive review of the medicinal mushrooms used today, with indications, dosages and full referenced so you mushroom pdf download get further information on any species.