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Nepali Clock Widget Copy and paste the nepali clock widget code from the boxes below.

Nepal Calendar – A multicultural calendar of Nepal in Bikram Sambat B.S.

January 30, Nepal KathmanduNP. Vijaya Dashami Dashain Oct It is a popularly used calendar in India and the official calendar of Bangladesh and Nepal. December 3, Nepal KathmanduNP. Falgu Purnima Hilly Dist Holiday. Falgu Purnima Terai Holiday.

Download Nepali Calendar – Download nepali calendar PDF and print

nepali patro 2072 pdf download It is very difficult to convert the English AD date into Nepali Bikram Sambat date because it cannot be calculated by a simple formula.

There’s nothing much but a simple calendar in our own native language helping us to keep track of our own culture and events thereby, making sure that we don’t get left over from the events that nfpali never want to miss.

Although its very small in size it is possible to see all the calendar dates along with festivals, bratabandha dates, marriage dates, holidays etc.

It’s a nightmare that we can hardly remember our own date even when we are living here only. October 18, Nepal KathmanduNP.

Official Bikram Sambat Nepali calendar-Based on Ministry of Information- Best Nepali Calendar

Chhath Puja Dec Since, ndpali is an official Nepali Calendar we have included all the festivals of Bikram Sambat. August 26, Nepal KathmanduNP. Just copy paste the code into your website from our tools page.

Events, from birth to death are remembered according to a certain instance of time and date. Nepali Date Converter can convert wide range of Dates.

Horizontal Clock widget with more colors. You can download Smart Patro form App Store hear. Peoples mostly use online nepali calendar for the nepali patro 2072 pdf download like Dashain Bijaya DashamiTihar Depawali with tithi and festivals etc. It was just an application made out of fun when we started Nepali Patro as an application in facebook – but when the usability aspect of the application became apparent, as Nepali users staying abroad found it easy and handy to remember certain important events and days because of the Nepali date displayed, we nepali patro 2072 pdf download energiized to make it a full-fledged application and improve it further to enhance its services.

In Nepal the new year starts from the middle of april approximately 17th of the april.

September 14, Nepal KathmanduNP. S Nepali calendar B. And we are definitely proud to be one.

Baisakh month commonly consists of holiday in New year day. Nepal is rich in Festivals, Events and Holidays. Nepal is multicultural, ethnic and multi-lingual country. Nala Matsyendranath Rath Pf.

Nepali Calendar

Each recent months and years contains Nepali Date, English Date, tithi, festivals, events, holidays, bratabandha dates, Pasni dates, marriage dates etc. Festivals and tithis for to B.

You can put Nepali exchange rate tool in your website by going to doanload page. November 8, Nepal KathmanduNP. We provide very efficient and faster mechanism for converting dates between BS and AD.