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We don’t need someone to teach us how to remove the barriers from limiting ourselves. To live in such a world, we must go beyond appearances, and go beyond the mind, as the author claims. O daima var ve gerek yok.

Osho The Book Of Secrets

We don’t need an Osho right now. This book is full of blasphemy: Tantra is extremely sophisticated and a highly intelligent philosophy. This requires your willingness to integrate many points of view.

While it is true that I have never believed that repressing anger or strong emotions will heal anybody, and I find such things hypocritical; and while I would like to trust in love and peace, let’s face it, it’s still an imperfect world. I do that and I have tried to realize I do do that.

Its tough to do. Fortunately it is available online if you look around. View all 5 comments. There are techniques. Well, wait — there is one part where I do agree with Osho, and that is his belief we shouldn’t repress our emotions so much.

And the more you know, the more you feel ppdf the ground underneath is dissolving. It is a crime to pff your will on others but why is it completely okay to impose your will on Oh, I can almost feel the heat from here; I expect to receive hate mail very soon from Osho’s zealots any moment now. Jun 07, Anas Elbaye rated it it was amazing.

I don’t want to zone out. For those of you who don’t know or remember him, he is the guru formerly known as the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. I’ve found that the book can be picked up and opened to any sutra and tons of information about that technique is immediately at ones fingertips. Open Preview See a Problem? One major difference in this book is that his goal in the book is very clear. He has taken these techniques and explained them in laymens terms.

Pdc all 4 comments.

I have worked with young clients who have had more sexual encounters in one week than some professional hookers probably have undergone their entire lives, that’s how far gone our “feel good” society as become. He doesn’t really point out any concrete, or meaningful reason for deciding to act out on this.

Osho The Book Of Secrets : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

The ICPL has many books that can lead to answers even though many of us are unaware there are questions. The beauty of the book though is that there are techniques, which means that there is one for every kind of attitude. Each meditation practice could occupy one for a lifetime.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. To be perfectly honest with you, I could care less about Osho and all the controversy that surrounds him, his life and his followers and the many misguided actions that took place in his name. He further stresses that he dowjload not going to waste time in clearing your doubts, he is just going to give you techniques which will help you to stop having a doubting mind.

Tantra is teaching spirit f As a Seeker you must learn a much higher code of conduct then just those taught to you as a child. Mar 15, Pamela Wells rated it it was amazing. This book is beyond 5 stars! Self-love can never lead to violence.