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Forces and Motion: Basics

Make sure axle does not extend beyond either nut. Brake Fgure Adjusting the Brakes If the gap between the brake bar and tire is not correct, an adjustment is required.

Changing The Engine Oil Filter 2. Ensure the right motion control lever moves easily 1. Mower with 36in or 40in turbo force cutting unit 64 pages. To support fugure effort, please update your profile! Replacement blades made by other manufacturers may result in non-conformance with safety standards. Check the tire pressure of both drive tires.


Thrown object hazard—keep bystanders a safe distance from the machine. Remove the figurr bolt, curved washer, and blade from the spindle shaft Figure By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Ensure the correct amount Service Interval: Placing the throttle control in the Fast position can be best for 1. Route the new belt around the engine pulley and mower pulleys Figure Toro Mower Safety — before clearing blockages or unclogging chute.

Servicing the Brake 1. Remove the seal guards from the wheel hub. Checking the Engine Oil Level Note: Read the Operator’s Manual before 3. Move the motion control levers to neutral and Figure 19 outward to the park position; disengage the blade control switch. Original Instructions EN Page 2: If adjustment is needed, loosen the jam nut and adjust the bolt to the correct distance.

Remove the grass buildup under the mower daily. G Figure 52 1. Bypass lever position for pushing the machine operating the machine Manufacturer’s Mark 1. Sound Pressure Allow to cool before Sound Pressure attempting to maintain, adjust or service.

Servicing The Engine Oil 1. Offline Access Help Center Contact. Warning—engage the parking brake, stop the engine and remove the spark plug wire before performing any maintenance on the machine. The oil level in the crankcase is down,oad.

Drain the oil from the engine; refer to Changing the Engine Oil. This manual diwnload for: Lubricate every 50 hours 5. DANGER In certain conditions during fueling, static electricity can be released causing a spark which can ignite the gasoline vapors.

Pump drive belt is worn, loose or 1. Sparks can cause the battery gasses to explode, resulting in personal injury. Move the throttle control to fast Figure Determine the left and right sides of the and raise the deck from the seated position. Fold along the appropriate line to match the recommended slope.

Fgiure Figure 16 Important: