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He hasn’t got any brothers or sisters.

You are going somewhere by plane and you don’t like flying. T Contact lenses are the same as glasses. A recnnlnertdalhl by a Hand -hvl: What punctuation is there: SYN leave sth out. Imade slower I found the pronunciation djllicult and progress. Did you know the answer?

She was so proud when her son did well, and really jealous. My grandmother was 2 mourning for a long time. She’s got a beautiful figure: Complete the missing words.

I wrote a of irregular verbs in my notebook. If you invent ‘something, you create something that didn’t exist before. The teacher tells us to Si.

Oxford Word Skills – Basic

You can check the pronunciation of any word in the dictionary by looking at the phoneticto find out meaning, or check pronunciation. V i When do you get impatient? They should also be aware that nouns may bc Countable in some senses and uncountable in others.

At the back of each book you will find: That’s a useful idiom to know.

N – lings Meaning very happy and excited. I’ve got to Qse for an exam. She’s my mother’s sister. Pef sorry that it happened.

At Advanced level, learners encounter more ligurative meanings of vocabulary items. B Family history n I’m related to a member ofthe royal family.

She was adopted as a baby. I’ve lived in Costa Rica for five years now, and l can speak Spanish f. She ivas heartbroken urhen her father lied. He’s not p W” known, but he’s a qnad 1 a. Gerty Images pp 22 Dannustin Puntfreyjlconica. Circle the correct word. People Unn5 1 Circle the correct answer. She’s still very slim, so you can’t a a she’s a baby in July. An argument is a discussion in which people disagree, often angrily.

What do you guys want to eat? His son, Malcolm, 5. Someone hits your car because they were driving badly. She’s a single parent. Do what works for oxfore.

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Do you think you’re hard-working? Dictionaries often tell you which words go together. Our uncle ofxord us. Milo and l got to n.

Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Keiko’s a good person to share a flat with: SYN fed up iNr. She seems to know when someone has a problem.

Oxford Word Skills Intermediate.pdf

SYN He never shows his feelings. SYN be expecting a baby figure i the shape ola woman’s body. Your lovely old dog has just died. A pregnant woman has just had a baby.