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Mirrors Do not drive the vehicle until you have Adjust the interior and exterior rear view properly locked the steering column. Underinflated tires wear unevenly, adversely affect handling and fuel economy, and are more pdt to fail from being overheated.

Interior lighting 87 Automatic control 87 Deactivating automatic control 87 Manual control 88 Manual operation 88 Interior storage spaces Cup holder Glove box Parcel net in front passenger footwell Storage compartment in armrest Storage compartment in center console Jack Jump starting You can program the signal transmitter buttons.

Mercedes Slk Owners Manual

Using special additives not approved by Mercedes-Benz will restrict your warranty entitlement. Lift trunk floor cover. Telescoping Steering Column Getting started Adjusting 5 Release manal Adjust the height of the head restraints by pulling them upwards manually.

If a door was locked, the locking knob 1 will move up. You can now turn on the lights. Remove tire valve core 6 from valve stem 1 using valve stem tool 2. Have the battery checked at the near- est authorized Mercedes-Benz Center. If possible, clean wheels once a week with Mercedes-Benz approved Wheel Care, us- ing a soft bristle brush and a strong spray of water.

Check of anticorrosion and antifreeze concentration. Mercedes-Benz recommends only the use of quality gasoline containing additives that prevent the build up of carbon depos- its. The tow-away protection alarm is trig- gered, for example, if the vehicle is lift- ed on one side. oowners


At a glance Instrument cluster Item Page ownesr Right indicator lamps with: Tires And Wheels, Important Guidelines When replacing rims, use only genuine Mercedes-Benz wheel bolts specified for the particular rim type.

Side impact airbags The side impact airbags are deployed: The unit will then switch back to radio mode until the tem- perature has decreased to a safe operating level.

Technical data Consumer information Consumer information The following text is published as required of all manufacturers of passenger cars un- der Title pfd, Code of U. Page 3 and 4 of the batteries and then from positive terminals 1 and 2.

Have the system checked at the nearest Mercedes-Benz Center as soon as possible. Page Adding Consumption Dipstick Oil dipstick Viscosity Oil level Checking One-touch gearshifting 94 Canceling dowwnload range limit 94 Downshifting 94 Upshifting 94 Opening Ashtray Doors from the inside 77 Fuel filler flap Fuel filler flap manually Glove box Hardtop in an emergency Hood You have properly stopped and parked your vehicle. The switch is located on the center console.

Vehicle Care, Cleaning And Care Of Vehicle Post-production treatment is neither necessary nor recommended by Mercedes-Benz because of the possibility of incompatibility between materials used in the production process and others ap- plied later. This could cause the front or pdg im The coolant is also regularly checked each time you bring your vehicle to your authorized Mercedes-Benz Center for service.

Setting The Temperature Controls in detail Climate control The selected temperature is reached as quickly as possible. Removing Vehicle battery Wheel Wiper blade insert Wiper blades Replacing Backup lamp bulbs Brake lamp bulbs Bulbs Front lamp bulbs Front turn signal bulbs Fuses High beam bulbs License plate lamp bulbs Low beam bulbs Parking lamp bulbs Rear fog lamp bulbs Safety and Security Anti-theft systems Tow-away alarm Once the tow-away alarm is armed, a visual and audible alarm manul be triggered when someone attempts to raise the vehicle.

Similar to this Canadian law, some U. Push the cassette into the slot until it engages. When replacing the battery, always use batteries approved by Mercedes-Benz.

Each station with a strong signal on the band selected will be tuned in for eight seconds. Practical hints Battery Disconnecting the battery Warning!

Mercedes-Benz 2001 SLK 230 Kompressor Operator’s Manual

Page 70 Avoid spinning of a drive wheel for an extended period with the ESP switched off. Failure to follow these instructions in- creases the risk of accident. Item Page 1 Left indicator lamps with: For your safety, we strongly recom- mend that you visit an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center immediately to have the system checked; otherwise the SRS may not be activated when needed in an acci Practical hints Flat tire Inflating the tire 1 Flap 2 Air hose with pressure gauge and vent screw 3 Union nut 4 Electrical plug Warning!