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The origins of French-African drama are considered for the first time, and the work of the minor poets analysed.

Women are also expected to come back home early after shamber work and do the cooking. Scarecrow Press Format Available: U of Nebraska Press Format Available: I look for a PDF Ebook about:. He is very strange, despite depending on her wife, she still despises women. Juliette stands as an icon for necessary changes in the society, which is women emancipation. He is educated and is after changes, and he is against traditions.


Hopefully, it would serve euitors a useful pointer not only to the goings-on in contemporary Africa but also to the relationship between Africa and the rest of the globe. This study reflects the legacy of colonialism by devoting nine of its thirteen chapters to literature in “Europhone” languages—English, French, and Portuguese.

Hansel Ndumbe Eyoh Language: She is strong supports traditional ways of life even on the questions of women. Juliette is shocked because of three things.

True to the tradition of French novelist Stendhal, the author skitors this work to serve as a mirror that reflects the day-to-day living of the different peoples that inhabit the fifty-three oje nation-states in Africa. He defends the old taboos, like prohibiting women and young men from eating the vipers, instead be eaten by male elders.

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For example, Mbia has eight wives and if he marries Julliette she will be the ninth wife. First comes shock, then aftershock, husgand months of it, during which her worst fears are confirmed: Is there some way my husband and I could meet I’m not really ready to see my husband in a dress, Help!

She traces the evolution of the first manifestations of literary activity in French by African writers, the written folk-tale, fable and short story, from the oral tradition of the indigenous culture, and the eventual appearance of the novel with a legendary or historical theme.

The book is the result of the Second Conference on Cameroon Literature which took place at the University of Buea in It comprises insightful observations on the politics, governmental systems, political economy, cultural practices, educational systems and natural phenomena that impact the lives of Africans. He gives a crazy idea of taking Juliette around all offices to find a suitor. Gone were the times when the criticism was complacent because it was believed that a nascent literature could easily be stifled by application of rather strict cannons of literary criticism.

First he listens to what the villagers say and then says as if he knew it before. Juliette and Oko win the race to ward their desire marriage through a lot of challenges. The Buea conference was motivated by a determination to look at Cameroon literature straight into its face and criticize it using literary criteria of the strictest kind. He is always arrested by the Police for being drunk and disorderly.

Part I The Adventures of Odysseus page Selections discuss the play in terms of historical context, dating, and sources; character analysis; comic elements and verbal conceits; evidence of authorship; performance analysis; and feminist interpretations.

Subjects dealt with ranged from general topics on literature, survival and national identity, through specialized articles on prose, poetry, drama, translation, language, folklore, children’s literature, Journalism and politics.

After the payment of bride price, he demands fantastic things, such as: He is a second suitor who is a great civil servant. But Juliette clings to her firm stand, she love Oko, a student and she want to marry only him. As the wife submits to her husbandShe searches for stray mementos of the lost, then for their roots. She is also a woman of contradiction.

With a lot of pomposity, Mbia pays the bride price,tyree hand it to Mbarga. The origins of Husbqnd drama are considered for the first time, and the work of the minor poets analysed. Then she insists that the man should pay that husbanr and downkoad more.

This landmark volume brings together a very rich harvest of forty critical essays on Cameroon literature by Cameroon literary scholars. As the money disappear, Atangana gets a lot of panic, the whole family is also in panic. He is also liar, he gives the villagers a lot of lies when the villagers demand a lot of things from him.

Her bride price is to thdee used by Oyono, her brother to pay the bride price for the wife she want to marry. Blames continue raining on Juliette from the family member. The role of the husband questions.


He becomes angry and threatens the villagers of bringing ten Police commissioners to come and deal with them. It opens a window into the wide dynamic and interesting area of translation and interpretation in a husbadn Cameroon that had on the eve of independence and unification opted for official bilingualism in French and English.

All books are the property of their respective owners. She fight for freedom of women and the chance to thred herself confidently. He pompously introduces himself that he works in a large office and the secretary of state known him personally. Like other elders, he supports traditions.