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Gloriously outdated yet poignantly prescient and relevant. But Powers dwnload Persuasion is not just about advertisements – it is about advertising. This was pretty big in the 70s. Feb 06, Elizabeth Burton rated it liked it Shelves: There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Yet I found Packard’s perspective severely dated, almost a time capsule of the s in America.

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The Hidden Persuaders by Vance Packard is a fascinating book for a number of reasons. People who want to express showiness, to assert their individualism and modernity, tend to buy Ford, Mercury, Oldsmobile, Lincoln, hardtops, two tones, bright shades and hues, a range of extras, gadgets, fads. Professor Smith mentioned that many people nowadays express skepticism about testimonials but added that although people consciously deny being impressed by testimonials there is a strong suspicion that unconsciously they are impressed with them.

Feb 26, Simon Dobson rated it liked it Shelves: Also, this book is riddled with minor errors which eventually succeeded in persuading me to get a little annoyed! Our society only has to witness the booms and busts of the past decade to see how economics profoundly affects the cores of societies around the world.

Explains why we are too often pawns in Madison Avenue’s games. Yet no history of British advertising covering this heady period has previously been published. I am glad I read it through, because the end was just fantastic! The techniques are dated, the science has modernized, but the desires and motivations of MR have not flagged. The obstacles were our Puritan background and the effects of the Great Depression, both of which created habits of making do on less, making things last and living simply.

But at the same uidden the advertising industry was frequently under siege, as politicians, pressure groups, and others constantly sought to restrain its influence – and often succeeded. People who want to seem conservative, to tell the world they are very serious and responsible, tend to buy Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto, Packard, four-door sedans, dark colors, minimum accessories and gadgets.

InThe Hidden Persuaders was published and hidven national attention. March 02, Rating: Jun 08, david-baptiste is currently reading it. I get my most wanted eBook.

Not that it’s anything new, but seeing it presented in black and white as actual corporate policy provides support for what some continue to insist is speculation. Sure, changing a packaging color because it has positive connotations seem This book is about the growing field of manipulating people from buying products to politicians.

I but skim the surface of the solecisms in this edition Prune sales soared, to the delight of the California Prune Advisory Board who had hired the motivational researchers to make that happen. A great shame that Packard died in the early nineties and wasn’t around to witness the rise of the internet, big data and the greatest loss of personal privacy to the ‘hidden persuaders’ ever seen.

I have not read Gladwell because I had the idea that he was a sociology-light sort of guy, but perhaps now I will check out one of his books.

The book was a massive public hit, and changed america’s view of advertising forever. Cars were not the only status symbols: The depth probers searched for these symbols with word-association-polling to find which slogans worked effectively and which failed.

Why do we buy some products and not others? Dichter promised the “mobilisation and manipulation of human needs as they exist in the consumer”. People must be controlled by manipulating their [instincts and emotions] rather than by changing their reasonings.

The manufactured obsolescence of desirability toward automobiles has been legendary. Indeed, a recession occurred and the public was bombarded with doenload ‘Buy now, the job you save may be your own,’ ‘You auto buy now,’ ‘Buy your way to prosperity,’ and more. In The Hidden Persuaders Packard documents the introduction of professional psychologists’ motivational research into the advertising industry in the s and its powerful effects. But that was only one of several significant changes.

The Hidden Persuaders and The Waste Makers dealt with the development of new techniques for manipulating consumer attitudes and behaviors.

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Penetration to deeper hiddden of consciousness was sought. While outdated in many respects, the basic ideas of this book remain valid, and are still frighteningly relevant. One such session led to the invention of the Barbie Doll: Peter at the Holy gates. They also illustrate the techniques used on a daily basis by persuaders of all stripes to attempt to trigger subconscious emotions to get us to do something.

The Author paints a picture of how it has changed the lower working classes and the middle class. In they talk identify how people do not think rationally and logically about what they need and petsuaders do not make rationale decisions.