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Sometimes, the term is replaced by conformance, but the standard don’t prefer it.

Just think to quality of iso 9000 vocabulario pdf download product: This is an example of co-existence of three management systems in a company. Keep vocabullario to date with ISO Sign up to our newsletter for the latest news, views and product information.

Usually, the term product is used for tangible things like a car, furniture, pen, etc.

Beneficiary can be an organization or a person. Life cycle A standard is reviewed every 5 years 00 Preliminary. Valuable companies achieve important objectives by managing needed resources in an intelligent manner. Monday to Friday – In this case, the requirement is: As you can see, the quality policy is more general, setting a main target for quality. Based on this definition, companies may iso 9000 vocabulario pdf download seen each time as suppliers and customers, depending on the side they are.

The first major difference comes from the apparition or not of the non-conformance. Please note that non-conformity is a wide term, which refer to product especially non-fulfillment of a requirement.

ISO-9000-2005 Fundamentos y Vocabulario[1]

Various documents are used daily. An implied requirement would be that the metal bar not to present rust or corrosion. In some situations, a correction may iwo applied, in other cases it cannot.

The level of achievements regarding planned activities and planned results downnload what iso 9000 vocabulario pdf download called effectiveness.

Get more from your investments with our new IT management collection Looking to get maximum value from your IT investments? These are quality objectives. Quality policy is decided by the top management of the company, in accordance with its vision and mission. By correlating this definition with definition of a document, results that a record may be on paper or in electronic format.

ISO Terms and Definitions

The above example is a very simple one. New example for quality objective: English French Russian Spanish. Final text received or FDIS registered for formal approval. Company organization, management and quality. These two definitions shouldn’t be vocabularlo separately. Most of the time requirements are mandatory. The beneficiary of a product or service supplied by the company.

You may be interested in: In every single company such system exists, even if they are not recognized as such. Every problem has a cause that lead to iso 9000 vocabulario pdf download of the problem.

By Maria Lazarte on 23 Dpf The main cause still exists, and will generate the same problem again. Based on this definition, the following example will clarify this term.