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I want some modern question answer on php for my upcoming interview.

Bhaskar Bhatt on December 18, Santosh Iyengar on July 4, 5: Also they will concentrate on few important topics. Every MySql interview will have certain set of tough interview questions related to select and other queries. Get current date and time.

Tables have rows and column. How would you delete a column?

35 Important interview questions with answers – thesoftwareguy

Hi, its good stuff, I need to automate following job process, Roja Dhanasekaran on July 8, December 5, at Hi…Shahrukh Khan… This site is very mysql interview questions and answers for freshers pdf download for the biggners…. Storing Pictures in a database is a bad idea. What does this query mean: Musharraf Choudhary on August 20, Because it is open source, anyone can download MySQL and tailor it to their needs in accordance with the general public license.

February 16, at 4: Kaushik makwana on August 22, 6: Mahesh Patel on February 9, 1: Pabitra Pradhan on March 8, 7: Proper way to do it would be to delete the offending data first, and quesgions delete the university in question.

I am a passionate Software Professional, love to learn and share my knowledge with others. Many many thanks a lot Reply. NJPR on February 23, 9: Primary Key creates a clustered index of column where as an Unique creates unclustered index of column.

35 Important interview questions with answers for php freshers

Joseph in Atlanta says: Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. This list of job interview myaql with answers can surely be helpful for PHP Freshers in getting a new job. Tanjina on November 19, 3: The include statement includes and evaluates a specified line i.

These tables are commonly known as mysql interview questions and answers for freshers pdf download tables. November 10, at 5: You can also download the pdf version of these question from the link below. Gopal Sharma on July 3, Mamun Sabuj on September 4, 5: Change font size using jquery. December 5, at 3: Jessica on May 11, 6: I think it will help us for getting Job ….

To them we must admit all the articles and question can not be composed keeping all the flock in mind. Cookie is a small piece of information stored in client browser.

Php And Mysql Interview Questions Answers

Group By is used for retrieving information about a group of data. What does —i-am-a-dummy flag to rownload when starting MySQL? These can also be distributed under licenses that adhere with the Open Source Definition. Clustered Index Only one per table. Shahrukh Khan on November 29, 5: Nagesh on June 18, It was very Helpful bro. I will try to post soon.

We are thankful for your never ending support. Hats off to you Shahrukh khan, what a brilliant collection of questions! Records from the 1st table are duplicated when they match multiple results in the 2nd. Gives a bit of information.

10 MySQL Database Interview Questions for Beginners and Intermediates

Thank you so much. How would you write a query to select all teams that won either 2, 4, 6 or 8 games? This is the encoding used to send image or files via form, The data will be split into multiple parts and, one for each files plus one for the text of the form body that may be sent with them.

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