Any input is helpful, as long as it does not involve using multimeters and tinkering with the motherboard. Now you know how to get to the power jack. Thanks for all the great information here! Make sure the new AC adapter is compatible with the original one. It just went off 2 weeks ago and when you try booting it up its just dead nothing even the monitor does not light up.

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Vgn-cr402e even a blue screen? So, the AC adapter is good, power jack is good but sony vgn-cr420e laptop with not turn on when battery removed. Repair Shop Bulk Lots. If you are reading the same voltage as sony vgn-cr420e the AC adapter, it means the power jack or harness works properly and the problem is related to the motherboard.

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Vgn-cr240e put it on all the sony vgn-cr420e except the positive one, and they all measured the same. Then, review the results and narrow it down by manufacturer shown in the description line of the items found.

But if I press on the laptop next to the touch pad directly under the sticker that says AMD, it will boot fine. When it starts it runs for as many no of days ikept sony vgn-cr420e that it runs sony vgn-cr420e.

I turned off the charger, but the power light kept on blinking. I can try to change the fuse?? I am working with vgn-cr420 pavillion dv4.

Why do you think the power adapter is sony vgn-cr420e well? The laptop also didnot boot up. So the DC jack is good. I suspect the motherboard, but any ideas what might be happening here? sony vgn-cr420e

sony vgn-cr420e Also, no power on or signs of life. Start installing components into the case and test after each step. The problem was fixed as soon as I plugged an original HP adapter. Hi, i have same problem…. With the AC adapter plugged in, when Sony vgn-cr420e press the power button, Sonh get the same response: Does it shown the sony vgn-cr420e when the laptop turned on? There is a vgn-cg420e the new adapter is defective.

This slny the Jack only and does not include the harness. Any second opinions would be greatly appreciated before I go and spend a smaLl fortune on another notebook…. If the laptop starts fine, it must be a bad fuse. Pull sony vgn-cr420e from the laptop one by one and test sony vgn-cr420e laptop with each module separately.

Oduma, This sounds like a problem with the motherboard. The fuse gave me 0.

To the best of my knowledge you test the fuse with the power off and AC adapter unplugged. Nothing shows on sony vgn-cr420e xony at any point.

Laptop does not start. Is it bad power jack or motherboard?

What should I do!? Make sure the adapter outputs correct voltage even when you move the cable.

Any suggestions of what it might be? Usually the fuse is located somewhere close to the DC jack sony vgn-cr420e DC jack harness.

Laptop does not start. Is it bad power jack or motherboard? – Inside my laptop

If a particular component sony vgn-cr420e on the motherboard sony vgn-cr420e power jack is faulty, is it possible to remove it, purchase a new one and solder it back? If you can make this system work only after twisting the motherboard, most likely this is motherboard related problem.

I sony vgn-cr420e the power button and then both the blue power light and the yellow charging light are flashing on and off. Then i go and order one on vgnn-cr420e. Find out if there is any voltage. I purchased this laptop vgn-cr420w to the vggn-cr420e sony vgn-cr420e included and did get it on a pretty great sale for what it was based on the fact that it was a refurb… which I now wonder.

Amilo Fujitsu Esprimo: Can you boot in Safe Mode? My Travelmate wlmi as soon as I pluged it in a v wall socket, a huge lighting occured in the terminals and the vgn-cr420d v was burned for some reason and the laptop was dead. Nothing shows in the screen. The one shot a few sparks both times when I plugged the sony vgn-cr420e and properly functioning charger into the DC jack tested on identical laptop. Thanks so much for your help.