G G G G Close the upper left cover of the printer. After that, lift it slightly, and then pull it out completely. When “Remove Misfeed Z: Start with a paper capacity of sheets that stems from a sheet paper drawer and sheet bypass tray. Inside Fusing Unit Fuses the image on paper. B B B B Remove the misfed paper.

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You can print vari- ous business documents in fine detail from presentations and newsletters containing illustrations or graphics ricoh cl3000 catalogues, ads, and pictures. G Ricoh cl3000 G G Close the upper left cover of the printer. Page 72 Troubleshooting Status An error message on the control panel stays on after removing the misfed paper.

Ricoh Aficio CL3000 Maintenance Manual

Toner dust is flammable and might ignite when exposed to an open flame. Can ricoh cl3000 print a configura- tion page? Upper Left Cover Open this cover when replacing toner cartridges. Rico feed mixed rjcoh and color documents and the Auto Color Sensing will adjust to the correct paper and colors. For safety, please read this manual carefully before you use this product and keep it handy.

When ricoh cl3000 Misfeed Y: Ton- er may spill.

Aficio CL Downloads | Ricoh Global

Page 83 France, Germany, Italy, or the Netherlands is prohibited. C C C C Remove the misfed paper. Month and year ricoh cl3000 model’s original release.

Guide To The Printer, Exterior: Litoral Ricoh cl3000,Barcelona A printed image is different from the image on the compu- ter’s display. You should remove the indicated toner cartridge from the machine and then reinstall it.

Normally, you need not update the registration. For more information about using “Slip sheet”, see the printer driver’s Help.

Possible Cause Is the Data In indicator If not blinking or lit, the data is not being ricoh cl3000 to the printer. Finally, you must slide the new toner ricoh cl3000 towards the rear side of the printer until it stops, and then close the upper left cover.

Pages Col- eicoh Exceeded Max. Prepare a new yellow toner cartridge.

Ricoh Aficio CL Black Toner Cartridge (OEM) Pages

Removing Misfed Paper When a ricoh cl3000 misfeed occurs, an er- ror message appears on the panel dis- play. E E E E Close the cover.

Page 77 – When “Remove Misfeed Z: Status Paper jams occur frequently.

Co3000 G G G Lock the ricoh cl3000 toner bottle. This symbol indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if instructions are not followed, may result in minor or moderate injury or damage to property.

Aficio CL3000

But when the optional Paper Feed Unit ricoh cl3000 the Duplex Unit is installed, updating the registration is useful in some cases. When “remove Misfeed Z: Does the On Line indicator stay on? Manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

Otherwise the printer could break or cause an injury if dropped. R R R Ricoh cl3000 Push the green levers to fasten the inner cover. Page 84 Eschborn Phone: