The Dell Diagnostics is running a test, or a device on the system board may be faulty or incorrectly installed. To attach your computer to a network or broadband device, connect one end of a network cable to either a network jack or your network or broadband device. Continue until you have identified a faulty module or reinstalled all modules without error. Displays error conditions encountered, error codes, and the problem description. If all of the diagnostic lights are off and the system does not start, there may be a problem with the power supply or with the processor. Verify that the memory modules that you are installing are compatible with your computer see ” DDR2 Memory Overview “. If you wait too long and the Windows logo appears, continue to wait until you see the Windows desktop.

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Your computer might emit a series of beeps during start-up if the monitor cannot display errors or problems. Performs a thorough check of devices. Connect dimension 3100 e310 other end of the network cable to the network adapter connector on your computer.

Advanced Troubleshooting: Dell Dimension /E Service Manual

Solid green power light and no beep code dimension 3100 e310 no video during POST. If there is an error message on your screen identifying a problem with a device such as the floppy drive or hard drivecheck the device to ensure that it is functioning properly.

Back View of Computer. Performs a quick test of devices.

dimension 3100 e310 If the system does not start, plug the computer into a working electrical outlet. Press the power button, move the mouse, or press a key on the keyboard to wake the computer. The ResourceCD is optional and may not ship with your computer. The device list may not display the names of all the components installed on your computer or all devices dimension 3100 e310 to your computer.

dimensio Use the headphone connector to attach headphones and most kinds of speakers. Before you begin any of the procedures in this section, follow the safety instructions dimension 3100 e310 in the Product Information Guide.

For other possible solutions, see “Power Problems” in your Owner’s Manual. If the computer dimension 3100 e310, the color and sequence of the lights identify the problem.

JC 0JC WJ 0WJ | Dell Dimension E Motherboard

Reseat the processor see ” Processor “. If the problem is not identified, contact Dell for technical assistance. For more information, see ” Diagnostic Lights. Lists the most common symptoms encountered and allows you to select a test based on the symptom of the problem you are having.

On computers with a network connector card, use the connector on the card. The monitor or the graphics card may be faulty or incorrectly installed.

Dimension 3100 e310 can customize the tests you want to run. Dimension 3100 e310 the vent area clean and dust-free to ensure that the system is adequately ventilated. This test typically takes 10 to 20 minutes and requires no interaction on your part.

Memory modules are detected, but a memory configuration or compatibility error exists. The operating system is attempting to boot from a device dimension 3100 e310 as the floppy drive or hard drive ; check system setup see ” System Setup ” to make sure the boot sequence is correct for the devices installed on your computer.

Continue until you have identified a faulty module or reinstalled all modules without error. Dimension 3100 e310 only a dry cloth to clean the vent area to avoid water damage to the system. Repeat this process for each card. The diagnostic lights turn off after the system successfully boots to the operating system. If available, install properly working memory of the dimension 3100 e310 type into your computer see ” Memory “.

It is recommended that you use Category di,ension wiring and connectors for your network. If the Dell Diagnostics is running, allow the testing to complete. This dimension 3100 e310 typically takes 1 hour or more and requires you to answer questions periodically.

If you experience a problem with your computer, perform the checks in this section and run the Dell Diagnostics before you contact Dell for technical assistance.

If you see a message stating that no diagnostics utility partition has been found, run the Dell Diagnostics from the ResourceCD.